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RED Dipping Essential Liquid [Base/Activator/Top] 0.5 Fl Oz **Pick Your Bottle**
Red Nail Essential #2 Base 0.5 oz-Beauty Zone Nail Supply

RED Dipping Essential Liquid [Base/Activator/Top] 0.5 Fl Oz **Pick Your Bottle**

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  • Base Coat:
An optimal viscosity base coat that ensure a fast drying time as well as fill absorption of the dipping powder. Provides maximum adhesive for your dipping powder.

  • Activator:
Nail adhesive dryer, helps to speed the drying process by increasing the polymerization rate. Provides flexibility to the finish coat reducing any brittleness, and helps the top coat to achieve a clear, glass like finish.

  • Top Coat:
Provides extra strength and support to the finished application for a perfect clarity and a high gloss shine. Contains vitamin A and E as well as calcium to help protect the natural nail during wear.