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OPI GelColor Coastal Sand-tuary  0.5 oz #GCN77

OPI GelColor Coastal Sand-tuary 0.5 oz #GCN77

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OPI GelColor Coastal Sand-tuary  0.5 oz #GC N77

OPI GelColor Coastal Sand-tuary  0.5 oz #GCN77


40th Anniversary Year of Celebration! As the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer, OPI transports it's consumers from the glamourous streets of Hollywood, to the iconic beaches of Malibu for the Summer 2021 collection. This collection will continue to pay homage to OPI's heritage and roots, while continuing to offer trend-setting, fashion forward shades, inspiring consumers and nail professionals. OPI Gel Color What Is It? From the creators of OPI, the OPI Gel Color line! Easy to use gel nail polish that lasts up to two weeks! Each coat takes a record of only thirty seconds to dry, and only four minutes to cure from foundation to finish! Each Coat Cures In A Fast Thirty Seconds Four Minutes For To Be Cured From The Foundation Up Dries Hard Shiny And Beautiful Why You Need It High Definition Color and Shine For 2 Weeks Each Coat Dries In Just 30 Seconds With The Use Of An LED Light The Fast Drying Formula Will Only Take Four Minutes For Drying Time! Gel Color Is So Strong It Must Be Soaked Off 100 % Gel Formula Chip Resistant Formula OPI GelColor The Malibu Summer 2021 Collection 0.5oz/15mL From Dusk Til Dune #N76 Costal Sand-tuary #N77 Elmat-adoring You #N78 Endless Sun-ner #N79 Cliffside Karaoke #N80 Bonfire Serenade #N81 Marigolden Hour #N82 Pch Love Song #N83 Strawberry Waves Forever #N84 The Sound Of Vibrance #N85 Pear-adise Cove #N86 Mali-blue Shore #N87