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Kupa Passport Manipro Nail File Drill MoonLight Unicorn & Handpiece K-55

Kupa Passport Manipro Nail File Drill MoonLight Unicorn & Handpiece K-55

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MANI-Pro Passport portable cordless nail file drill MoonLight Unicorn


Using the MANI-Pro Passport. 

Cradle sold separate.

1.Prior to use, make sure the battery is charged by plugging the MANI-Pro Passport� to it�s power supply.
2.Once charged, plug the handpiece into the 3-prong output jack located at the top of the machine.
3.Twist open the chuck and install a standard 3/32" bit into the collet, then twist to close. (see how to install/take out a bit section)
4.Turn "ON" the machine by rotating the variable speed dial clockwise. IMPORTANT! DO NOT operate the electric file without a bit or blank in the handpiece.

1.Select the speed by turning the variable knob, clockwise to increase speed, counter clockwise to reduce speed.
2.Hold the handpiece as indicated in the photo for proper control (see pg. 5-The Proper Way to Hold a Handpiece) Note: Proper support of the machine and the nail to be filed is import- ant for safety and control.
3.IMPORTANT! Always turn off the Mani-pro Passport� when not in use.
4.CAUTION! Avoid danger, unplug charger once it is fully charged (the red light turns green).