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Kupa GelFinity EnrichRx Builder Gel Ultra Clear 17 ml / 0.57 fl. oz

Kupa GelFinity EnrichRx Builder Gel Ultra Clear 17 ml / 0.57 fl. oz

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Kupa Build Gel EnrichRx Ultra Clear 17 ml / 0.57 fl. oz

Strong nails for work, play, and everyday can be found in just one bottle. KUPA EnrichRx is a UV/LED-cured soak-off gel that brushes on to build structure for natural nails at any length. Infused with Vitamin E and Collagen, EnrichRx is the prescription for beautiful nails, inside and out.


Available in Ultra Clear, Sheer White, Nude Pink, Perfect Peach & Soft Pink! 


How to use EnrichRx:

Apply EnrichRx UV/LED soak-off builder gel after Gelfinity Base Coat gel. Cure for 60 seconds in your KUPA MANIPro Glo UV/LED Lamp Light or 90 seconds in a standard UV Light.



How to remove EnrichRx:

Reduce bulk of the product with your KUPA e-file. Use a medium or coarse carbide bit with 15-18,000 RPM to remove 90-95% of the gel. To remove remaining product wrap in acetone for 15-20 minutes. Once finishes soaking remove the remaining product using a medium sanding bands with Easy-Off Mandrel.