Gelish Hard Gel LED Clear Gel 240ml/8floz #01571

Gelish Hard Gel LED Clear Gel 240ml/8floz #01571

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An advanced oligomer formula with LED Gel Suspension Technology (GST) for sculpting the perfect natural looking extensions or enhancements. Gelish® Hard-Gel’s superior system embodies the qualities of a traditional gel, with easy application that’s self-leveling, and holds a C-Curve with the lightning quick cure of LED light, or even UV light, locking the product exactly in place. Why choose Gelish® Hard-Gel? It saves time in the salon with LED cure times of only 30 seconds. Durability outlasts the rest with superior adhesion to the natural nail, ideal for elegant everyday wear. A wide range of colors from cover pinks and translucent pinks, to whites and crystal clears, are optimal for customizing to any client.

Traditional gel that’s Untraditional!

Advanced 5-in-1 Formula• UV Brighteners & stabilizers• strong Durable wear• exceptional control• non-Yellowing• high shine

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