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Kupa MANIPro Passport Control Box Only Prince Baby Pink-Beauty Zone Nail Supply

Kupa MANIPro Passport Control Box Only Prince Baby Pink

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Kupa Passport Control Battery Power box Portable/Rechargeable Prince Baby Pink

8-10 Hours of Battery Life


Compatible Handpieces 

* UG-12 UP200 Handpiece
* UG-14 UPower 2G & UP200-V Handpiece

* KP-36 Supermax Handpiece
* KP-50 MANIPro Handpiece
* KP-55 MANIPro Handpiece
* KP-60 MANIPro Handpiece

features a lightweight battery power control box that can provide up to 8-10 hours of use per charge in either 110v or 220v. The control box has an illuminated power indicator, variable speed dial, forward and reverse button. The PassportTM comes complete with a built in handpiece cradle and belt clip.


* PassportTM Portable Control Box 
* PassportTM Charging System 
* Instruction Manual

Full one year warranty