Ardell Color Weave Cap #780600
Ardell Color Weave Cap #780600
Ardell Color Weave Cap #780600

Ardell Color Weave Cap #780600

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Ardell California Color Weave Cap

Ideal for weaving, Frosting, Streaking, Highlighting
Contain: 1 cap & 1 plastic crochet hook
1. Place the California Weaving Cap on the head. Tie securely.
2. using the supplied hook, pull hair through cap.
3. mix bleach into a thich creamy almost paste like consistency. use a thichkener when using a tint for a thicker mixture
4. apply mixture to hair pulled through cap. completely cover hair with bleach or tint mixture
5. cover head with plastic bag prior to applying heat.
6. use heat lamps or dryer to process.
7. when desired color or lightening is archived, rinse mixture from hair
8. only shampoo the hair pulled through the cap
9. do not remove cap. rinse off shampoo. gently towel blot hair
10. you can now apply color toner to the lightened hair. process according to manufacturers direction
11 after processing, rinse color toner from hair.
12. remove cap, shampoo and style