Fiori S06 Steam Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet

Fiori S06 Steam Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet

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Steam Towel Warmer Cabinet 2 leve 6 dozen towels Water tank

Unlike traditional towel warmers that utilize heating bulbs and elements, our line of steam towel warmers utilize the power of steam to heat towels to the perfect temperature. With the use of our steam towel warmer there is no fear of the towels drying out of becoming burnt. -Sleek Stainless steel design -Steam heat, prevents drying out towels -Temperature control knob, that allows for perfect temperature towels -Holds 6 dozen towels

EXT: 16in x 18in x 19in

INT: 13in x 15in x 12in

box 21x20x22 40lbs

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