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OPI Gelcolor Another Ramen-tic Evening 0.5 fl. oz. GC T81-Beauty Zone Nail Supply

OPI Gelcolor Another Ramen-tic Evening 0.5 fl. oz. GCT81

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OPI Gelcolor Another Ramen-tic Evening 0.5 fl. oz. GC T81

OPI GelColor is ideal for clients looking for a quick service that offers performance with up to 3 weeks of shine-intense wear and stay-true colour. Weeks of glossy colour, available in a multitude of Iconic shades. From deep and edgy, sheer to shimmer – we've got your colour! Polishes on fast and LED cures in 30-seconds! OPI’s professional gel polish system is designed to be cured with the OPI Dual Cure Light and fully cures of foundation to finish in 4 minutes per set. Choose from 350+ shades or find your favourite OPI Lacquer shade matched in GelColor. OPI Gelcolor soak-off gel polish applies just like traditional nail polish but gives your nails a super shiny finish that lasts up to two weeks. You can just simply apply the gel-like regular and cure it under a UV or LED lamp for the specified period of time.

The Tokyo Collection features 12 new shades in classic Nail Lacquer, Long-Wear Infinite Shine and GelColor formulas. With a nod to Tokyo’s status as a trendsetter, the collection includes a new take on millennial pink with dusty rose shades featuring tones of lavender and lilac (Rice Rice Baby, Another Ramen-tic Evening, Arigato from Tokyo, Hurry-juku Get this Color!). Rich hues inspired by nature from matcha green tea to blooming gardens (How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?, I’m On a Sushi Roll, Suzi- san Climbs Fuji-san, Tempura-ture is Rising!) and vibrant purple and blue hues with metallic shimmer that capture the city’s electric energy and nightlife (All Your Dreams in Vending Machines, Samurai Breaks a Nail, Kanpai OPI!, Chopstix and Stones) round out the collection. 

To pay homage to Tokyo’s nail art innovation, an additional six collectable, limited-edition shades of nail lacquer will be available as part of the Tokyo Collection. Featuring varied glitter finishes, the shades include matte foil glitters in pink (Just Karate Kidding You), silver (Robots Are Forever) and gold (eft My Yens in Ginza), an iridescent two-tone glitter in pink and silver (Judo’nt Say?) and chunky glitters in silver (R U Happy 2 C Me? LOL!) and a cherry blossom-inspired pink with gold (This Shade is Blossom). 

“Tokyo is known for being on the forefront of nail trends—a perfect fit for OPI, where we don’t follow the trends but set them,” says OPI co-founder and brand ambassador, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. “In this collection, we are revisiting the 80s and 90s, with pop colors that we’ve given a modern twist, taking inspiration from the famous Harajuku neighborhood. Tokyo brings so much life to this collection, from its eclectic fashion, vibrant nightlife and world-renowned cuisine to the rich traditions including matcha tea ceremonies and zen gardens.