Gelish CURX Hand Sanitizer Kill 99% of Germs 8 oz

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Curx Anti-Microbial Spray Hand Sanitizer, 8oz

Gelish CURX - HAND SANITIZER Kill 99% of Germs 8 oz #1310500

Nail Alliance is proud to present our newest product: CurX Anti-Microbial Spray 

CurX is a next generation solution in sanitizer product that is based on science! It uses an FDA approved,healthcare grade sanitizer that is safe and proven effective. Not to mention, it’s also better for your skin! Don’t let your customers be fooled by scented alcohol in a flowery bottle that doesn’t kill the broad spectrum of germs…use a sanitizer that truly works = CurX
Here are a few fun facts about CurX – Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant:


Made in USA

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