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Ardell Double Up Individuals Knotted Long Black #68292-Beauty Zone Nail Supply

Ardell Double Up Individuals Knotted Long Black #68292

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Ardell Double Up Individuals Knotted Long  Black #68292


Customize your lash look but give it double the drama! These Duralash® Knotted Double Flares Individual Lashes in Long have twice the number of lash fibers per individual cluster, and are perfect for lash lovers who want to accentuate their eyes with thicker, bolder lash volume.


- Use more for a full look, less for small touches or to simply fill in gaps

- Long lengths

- Knotted bases

- 20 strands per individual cluster (regular individuals feature 10 strands)

- Apply with strip lash adhesive for one day wear or individual lash adhesive for up to 2 weeks of wear

- Black